Make the right decision –
Don’t Pay More!

Choose a suitable monumental mason that focuses on quality and workmanship. Interestingly, a cheaper alternative in the short-term can turn out to be more expensive in the long-term – consider the high costs of renovating or even replacing a memorial!

Jakob Binstock & Co.

We are monumental masons producing tombstones (Also known as a Gravestone) and headstones in Sydney for over 50 years, and have gained a reputation for offering quality service and workmanship with all memorials. We understand the difficult and sometimes overwhelming situation a customer faces when choosing a memorial for a loved one.

Our aim is to provide you with the most reliable and sympathetic service that you deserve, while ensuring that you are entirely satisfied with the monument you have chosen.

Don’t know what you want or what the process of ordering is? No problem – our website will provide you with all the necessary information needed for purchasing a memorial, which we thoroughly recommend that you read. This will hopefully assist you in your decisions, making the process both faster and less distressing.

Should you have any questions or wish to obtain a free, no-obligation written quote, please do not hesitate to contact our sales representatives, who will be able to assist with any query you may have.

Advice for purchasing Gravestones or Headstones

Without a doubt, the most important consideration is choosing a suitable monumental mason. There are numerous masons operating in Sydney, varying in style, expertise, cost and more importantly – quality. Many masons will also deliberately misquote (Over-charge), sacrifice quality (Cheap materials), or simply give you something you didn’t order!

Buying a gravestone or headstone is costly – regardless of the mason because granite is comparatively expensive. However it should be a one-off payment, meaning there should be no need to renovate or repair any memorial. Do not use marble or sandstone as repairs will be inevitable.

The best advice for customers:

  1. Take a long-term view.
  2. Have a healthy scepticism when dealing with monumental masons. Buyers beware!
  3. A cheaper, lower quality mason in the short-term may easily turn out to be a lot more expensive in the long term. Consider the high costs of renovation or even replacement of the entire monument.
  4. Read our information. Regardless of where and if you order, we believe that this information will serve you well in making the right decisions.

Our company has a reputation to uphold and therefore takes a long-term view. We use quality materials combined with skilled workmanship, in order to produce unique memorials that meet your expectations at a sensitive time.

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