The cost of headstones, gravestones & monuments

The cost of headstones, gravestones & monuments

If you haven’t organised a memorial before, chances are you’ll be eager to find out how much a headstone is going to cost. And while it’s probably the most rational question to ask, it’s the most difficult to answer upfront. The fact is, the cost of a monument varies quite a lot- usually anywhere between $2,000 & $20,000.

This section will go through all the decisions you need to consider, provide some average prices, and give you some advice for getting an exact price.

Quality of granite – is a cheap headstone worth it?

One thing that influences cost of a gravestone is the quality of granite used. The reality is buying a monument can seem expensive, so you might be tempted to go with a cheaper option. The problem is that it can work out to be a more expensive option in the long term. This is when you factor in the cost of renovating and possibly replacing the whole memorial.

If you take a look around a cemetery, you will see the problem of poor materials first hand. To name a few, cheap granite can result in:

Granite quality
  • – Cracking and possibly breakage
  • – Structural damage of the monument
  • – Erosion of the granite
  • – Possible fading of the colour

We strongly advise all customers to choose granite type that’s going to last. If you receive a much lower priced quote for a headstone, be very sceptical of the quality of both the granite and workmanship by the monumental mason.

Breakdown of prices

To give you a better idea of how a monumental mason charges for a monument, here are the main things that influence price, in order of importance. Please keep in mind that this a rough guide – if you want to get a precise quote contact our masons today.

Type of monument

As you will know from our headstone guide, there are many examples of monuments for different cemeteries and sections. They can range from a basic lawn headstone right through to an intricate triple monument. The bigger the monument, the more granite, materials, and workmanship needed to complete the memorial. Below is a list of some monument costs to give you a rough idea:

Type of monument

Basic lawn headstone Usually between $600 – $2,000

Flat/slab monument Usually between $5,500 – $11,000

Headstone & baseUsually between $3,000 – $9,000

Full single gravestone Usually between $5,000 – $13,000

Full double gravestone Usually between $10,000 – $23,000

Type of granite

There is a lot of choice when it comes to choosing a certain type of granite. Even with quality granite prices will vary depending on aesthetics, density and availability. Here are some of the different types that we stock below.

Cemetery fees

Each cemetery will charge a permit fee which covers the administration and cemetery maintenance. This fee can range from $200 to $2000, depending on the cemetery and particular section. This fee will be included in the total price charged by the monumental mason.


Every gravestone needs to be professionally installed in the cemetery in accordance with strict masonry standards. The cost of installation will depend on the degree of complexity, number of workers required, and overall time.

Inscription costs

This will depend on the monumental mason you’re dealing with. Some will charge per letter, others by line, or by the the type of lettering used. For new memorials, our company charges no additional cost for wording or lettering styles.


These are small add ons that are completely optional but can be a nice addition to a monument. Your choice in monument accessories will depend on the type of memorial chosen, denomination of the deceased, and your personal preferences.

Headstone vases

Headstone vases

Ranges from simple metallic vases to granite fixtures.



These are small monuments that are usually placed on the slab of a gravestone.

Catholic symbols

Catholic symbols

Includes ornaments such as Jesus, Mary, Angels and Crosses.