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Headstones for Graves and Cemetery Headstone

What is a Headstone?

Headstones are the part of the memorial which usually contains an inscription about the deceased. More often than not (Depending on the section of the cemetery), they are accompanied by an entire monument, and are referred to as tombstones or gravestones. (Headstones for graves)

Choosing a Cemetery Headstone – Which is the right one?

The size, shape, colour, and style of all headstones will vary according to your needs and preferences. Therefore, the right monument is the one with which you feel the most comfortable and satisfied.

All our cemetery headstones are 100% customised to what you want: competent monumental masons should advise you on all the alternatives, and not pressure you to purchase something that suits them! Our sales representatives are trained to assist you in deciding on an appropriate memorial that meets your tastes, requirements, budget, and regulations of the particular cemetery.

To assist your decision, please view some of our examples that we have displayed (click to enlarge). Examples included are both headstones for graves and lawn headstones.

Jakob Binstock
Mixed Granite
Headstone Monuments
Rock Edged Style
Headstone Monuments
Blue Pearl
Cemetery Headstones
Black Granite
Headstones for graves
Black Custom
Headstones for graves
Imperial Green
Cemetery Headstones
Black Red
Headstones for graves
Feature Red
Lawn 1
Lawn 2
Lawn 3
Lawn 4
Lawn Headstone
Lawn 5
Cemetery Headstone
Lawn 6
Cemetery Headstone
Lawn 7
Lawn Headstones
Lawn 8
Lawn Headstone
Lawn 9

Quality of monumental masons and granite used

Not surprisingly, the quality of both the monumental mason and the granite for the memorial is a critical consideration. For more detailed information and advice on quality, please view our ‘Quality regarding Tombstones’ section.

Lettering on a Headstone

You need to make a few decisions regarding lettering:

  1. Font: What type of font do you want on the inscription? We have a program containing a large variety of different fonts, which our sales team can show you.
  2. Letters: This refers to the style of engraving.
    ‘Cut in’ (Everlasting)
    ‘Raised’ (Everlasting)
    ‘Gold Leaf’ (Requires maintenance)
    'Paint' (Requires maintenance)
    Stone lettering (Stone lettering)
  3. Languages: Do you want the inscription in English, or in another language, or both? We are able to provide inscriptions for all languages you require.

What to write?

Although there is no ‘right answer’, most inscriptions tend to follow a certain pattern including:

  • Name of deceased.
  • Date of birth and death, and possibly place of birth and death.
  • Relationship with survivors (E.g. Cherished mother of Mary)
  • A small final message (E.g. May she rest in peace)

Please read our provided ‘inscription examples’ to get a better understanding of how to write one. Should you require further assistance, please contact us. View examples here.

Note: All inscriptions are proof-read by us before engraving, in order to ensure no errors or future problems. Furthermore, after proof- reading we will send you back the proposed inscription for you to confirm.

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